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The Deutsche Bank Challenge

The Deutsche Bank Challenge

Suggest an appropriate solution to ensure timely reminders to clients for KYC review/renewal, as well as facilitate document submission and authentication.

Company Info

Deutsche Bank started operations in India in 1980. Today, Deutsche Bank is one of India’s most respected financial services providers, widely regarded for its deep commitment to the Indian market, strong client relationships, sophisticated product technology and global connectivity, all built around strong corporate governance standards. Deutsche Bank has been a strong partner to Indian clients for more than 30 years. With more than 9,500 employees in India

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CIO Profile

Mr. Shrinath Bolloju
Group COO, Deutsche Bank India

Shrinath Bolloju is the Group COO, Deutsche Bank India.

The Challenge

Jury Members

  • Mr. Shrinath Bolloju

    Group COO, Deutsche Bank India

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    Mr. Shrinath Bolloju

    "Use of technology has become critical for banks, not only to deliver day-to-day functions more efficiently, but also to reduce cost, enhance profitability, ensure safety and high corporate governance standards. One key principle that all banks follow is "Know Your Customer" (KYC). This allows us to understand the customer, anticipate the level of customer account activity and offer improved customer service. This also equips us to detect fraud, suspicious activity, and manage other risks. Our global challenge to CSTS participants revolves around KYC. It will be interesting to see how these participants react and respond to the challenge. I am personally very excited and really looking forward to their thoughts on it.‚ÄĚ

    Shrinath Bolloju is the Group COO, Deutsche Bank India. A banking technology and operations veteran with over two decades of experience, he is known for his 'people and change management' skills.

    After attaining a degree in Chemical Engineering and an MBA, he started his career with Citigroup India in 1988 and joined Deutsche Bank Singapore in 1996. At Deutsche Bank, Shrinath has handled a variety of Asia-level responsibilities including IT management for Private Banking, Securities Custody, Fixed Income and Equities.

    In May 2002, Shrinath relocated to London to take up global responsibility for Deutsche Bank's Core Banking Platform 'dbInternet', and later moved on as Chief Operating Officer for Personal & Corporate Banking IT/Operations. In July 2005, Shrinath took responsibility for running Securities and Custody Operations globally for Deutsche Bank. In April 2006, he moved back to India with responsibility as Global Head of Corporate Trust & Agency Services Operations and CIO India.

    In April 2008, Shrinath was appointed Group Chief Operating Officer for Deutsche Bank Group, India. This role is a cross business-infrastructure role with oversight over all operations, control and support functions in the country.

    Shrinath's deep knowledge of the banking and financial services sector is supported by a diverse set of experiences in different geographies and product areas of a highly matrixed, multi-national corporate environment.

  • Ron Tolido

    Senior Vice President and CTO Applications Continental Europe, Capgemini

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    Ron Tolido

    Ron Tolido absorb technology and business trends, filter out what matters and inspire our clients in understanding how to apply technology to transform their business. He believe in finding natural balance between business and IT, in proper timing, in seeking the Zen within technology.

    Ron is a software architect, an IT strategist, a publicist and a speaker.

  • Prof. Bhatnagar

    Prof. at Indian Institute of Management (IIMA), Ahmedabad.

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    Prof. Bhatnagar

    Prof. Bhatnagar worked for 30 years at IIM Ahmedabad prior to his resignation in September 2003. He started his career as a Systems Analyst (May 1970 to Jan. 1972 at the IIMA Computer Centre). During this period he was a part of the team that set up IIMA's first Computer Centre. He completed the doctoral program at IIMA in 1975. From May 1975 onward he was a member of the faculty of Computers and Information Systems Group at IIMA (1975-Assistant Professor, 1978-Associate Professor and from 1981 July onwards as Professor). He held the CMC Chair Professorship in Information Technology at IIMA for 6 years.

    He chaired many academic committees at IIMA and served as the Dean of IIMA for two years. He was also a member of the governing board of IIMA. He headed many large research initiatives at IIMA: Associate Coordinator of UNDP-CAM Project (1985-87), Coordinator of UNDP CAM Project (1987-88). He also coordinated the activities of a CIDA sponsored Centre for Telecom Policy Studies established at IIMA in collaboration with McGill University. He was the first coordinator of the Centre for Electronic Governance set up at IIMA with the sponsorship of Oracle (India), Caldera (formerly SCO) and Compaq.

    He was a visiting professor at the Eastern and Southern African Management Institute, Tanzania in 1982-83. During 1988-89 he was a visiting professor at Fairleigh Dickinson University, New Jersey and Adjunct Faculty at New York University. He was a Visiting Fellow (summer 1989) at East West Centre, Hawaii and an adjunct faculty with School of Public Health, University of North Carolina in 1998-99. He spent two full years and four half years at the World Bank in Washington DC (October 2000 to June 2006) as a consultant advisor on e-Government.

    Prof. Bhatnagar is currently an honorary adjunct professor at the Indian Institute of Management, Ahmedabad (IIMA). He works as a part time advisor to the National Institute for Smart Government (NISG), Hyderabad.


    He was associated with the advisory board of several educational institutions such as, State Bank Institute of Information and Communication Management (SBI ICM), Hyderabad, NIIT, engineering colleges in Gujarat and CMC Research and Development Centre, Hyderabad. He was a member of the 'Computer Science Board' set up by All India Council for Technical Education and a committee set up by planning commission to look into manpower needs of the Indian software industry. He is currently on the board of Governors of Navarachna University Baroda. He has chaired selection panel for vice chancellor of a state university and has been the President's nominee for the Jawaharlal Nehru University (JNU). He has written about issues in management and higher education in newspapers.

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